Facts about Italy Blog touch the Wonders of Italy. One of the established facts about Italy which can not be denied is that this is a wonderful country. This Blog is aimed at those interested in the beauty of Italy.

Facts about Italy: the Colosseum, Rome

Rome Italy: the Colosseum

My name is Italo and I’m Italian. I’m living in northern Italy, on lake Garda where I’m born. The closest city is Verona, the “City of Love”. It is most famous as the setting for Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet”.

English is not my first Language, please forgive me for my errors. I encourage you to write some comments about Italy and eventually correct me (sure I need it), thanking you in advance.

Living in a tourist area, I meet many people from different countries and I made many friends. One thing I have noticed they have in common: they LOVE Italy.

I have to admit, I’m proud to be Italian because my country is so full of history and natural wonders. Many aspects of Italy need attention, but I’m not here to discuss its problems.

I just want to share and talk about many beautiful parts of Italy, from the most famous cities with historic monuments, going throughout some unknown villages, visiting natural parks, beaches with cristal clear water and mountains with breath taking panoramas.

Facts about Italy

There are many facts about Italy and many reasons to fall in love with Italy and Italian people. Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe and in the world.  There are all sorts of attractions you can visit by yourself or through organized tours. It is quite difficult to choose what to see if you have a limited time available. There are so many sites with things to do and great food to taste.

Benvenuti in Italia, welcome to Italy.



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